Aviation - YouTube Videos


This video talks about the ILS system that helps pilots navigate towards the runway during a fog/heavy rainy weather. The big lights you see arranged in different levels in the end of runways are part of this system.

This is a video on Airport lights in general

I think this video helps in understanding how an Airplane is constructed.

This video talks a bit detailed about the Airplane engine, especially the Boeing 787 Dreamliners.

VOR (VHF Omnidirection Range) is something similar to ILS that is used to navigate towards the destination but ILS is something called precise approach. VOR is considered to be both VFR (Visual Flight Rules) and IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) whereas ILS is purely IFR. This video gives a good overview on it. Also I found a good quora answer - link

I think this video explains pretty good things about the basic equipment as part of flight navigation and control systems.


This video is really cool. It talks about the trans-atlantic flight routes where you get to learn about the Coriolis effect. After you watch this video, watch this airplane crash incident. It talks about the airstream in the equator and how weather there will effect the airplanes. https://youtu.be/e5AGHEUxLME?si=ojhebTeDXt3ErqVZ

This again explains a bit of physics behind flying. I was able to related to the paper rockers and airplanes I used to make and throw them from roof tops with my friends.

This one talks about the runway configurations and also talks about various runways around the World.

This video is really good in explaining the runway configurations again and includes the physics of magnetic poles.


This video talks about the origins of Emirates airlines company, which is considered to be one of the premium flight experiences and top 5 airlines that has more international routes.

This video talks about the Frequent flyers program offered by the airlines company.

This video explains the ticket pricing part of the airlines industry. Very interesting ones and one of the confusing things we observe in this complex system.

Apparently just by seeing the pilot window and the front nose of an aeroplane can help you identify whether it belongs to Airbus or Boeing.

This video talks about the Siberian airspace and how Russia uses it.

I always wondered about the logo apart from the Airlines and the manufacture. Later it turned out to be the alliances. This video explains about various airline alliances and how to benefit by being part of it. I later read more about in Wikipedia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Airline_alliance

This video explains about various controllers involved in navigating and communicating with an aeroplane. Later I saw other videos where they give you a tour of the ATC and Area controller. But I was able to relate more with this one and the main video - https://youtu.be/bKp_0268BVQ?si=A-kv3AIv9OBo0JYb

I always got confused with the airplane model code names and never understood the pattern. But this one helps a bit to get that.

This video gives more details on the Area controller especially in Europe.

This is a video on an airplane crash and it explains a bit about runways that are on plateaus.

This is a good documentary on an Airport constructed on St.Helena island near Southern part of Africa. This island is where Napoleon Bonaparte was kept in the end till his death.

This one explains how flights can travel between different countries.

This is about Indigo airlines which currently has more than 50% market share in Indian domestic commercial air travel market.